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Author: Silviu Berce

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Responsive Design with Wisej: Responsive Properties

To make a web application usable on small devices, Wisej added a very helpful feature that allows you to design your forms for different screen sizes. This feature is called Responsive Properties, and is available since Wisej version 2.0. Responsive properties can also be used when you build a new Wisej application from scratch (not just when you migrate a desktop application to the web with Wisej). In this short article, I'll show you how easy i ...

Wisej's DataRepeater - The best alternative for redesigning or replacing a DataGridView

Wisej DataRepeater was introduced with the Wisej 2.1 version, and it is the best alternative for redesigning/replacing a DataGridView. It repeats a template container (Panel) with child controls. The Wisej DataRepeater can also be utilized when the web application should be usable on mobile devices. Instead of having a DataGridView with rows and many columns, the Wisej DataRepeater can display the information of a record in multiple lines, with d ...